Mary S.

I came into Dr. Hill’s office a few weeks ago to have the brazilian laser hair removal treatment done. I had quite a few questions and concerns, but Dr. Hill and her staff answered all my questions and put me at ease. I was told in advance to prep for the session by shaving the night before, not to use any waxing or depilatory creams because the root must be intact in order to achieve the best results. Also there is no tanning: no suntanning creams, no sprays, or otherwise. Dr. Hill uses an advanced sensor to detect your skin tone & hair type to determine what level she will use for your laser treatment. It is completely customized for you to achieve the maximum results and prevent burning or injury. Once she determines your skin tone & hair type she can store the information with your own unique code for future sessions. And yes, you can still make any necessary adjustments before you begin your next treatment.
The treatment room was clean, comfortable and spacious. Dr. Hill gave me the option of using a numbing cream before we began the session but I opted to go without. She reassured me that we could stop at anytime & apply the numbing cream if I chose to do so. I know, no numbing cream?! Crazy & I had second thoughts up until the first zap from the laser gun. The zap is so quick you could barely feel it, seriously. Having my eyebrows waxed hurts more than the zap from this wonderful machine. The only area that stung a little more was closer to my bottom but again the quickness of the zap makes it completely bearable. The entire session only took 15 minutes and that included Dr. Hill having to stop to answer my questions and explain the process as we went along.
Immediately after, I felt nothing! No pain, no sensitivity, no redness, no irritation, no swelling, no discomfort at all. I had a date planned for later that night and considered cancelling it before I went in for the treatment. I’m so glad I didn’t. I went out had a great time and completely forgot I had a brazilian hair treatment done just a few hours before. It’s been three weeks and I am impressed with my results thus far. I’m bi-racial, African American & Mexican, so I was worried that the laser treatment wouldn’t work on my dark complexion, but to my pleasant surprise the results have been INCREDIBLE! After only one treatment, my hair is growing in extremely slow. I would describe the length of the hair as a very short fade, like one you would see on a guy. With these results, I know that I will achieve a completely hairless bikini area in time for summer. I can finally say goodbye to itchy shaving, painful waxing, and smelly depilatory creams!
The next day Dr. Hill personally followed up with me to find out how I was doing. Now that’s  first-rate service by a doctor who really cares about her patients. My experience was phenomenal and I will back to see Dr. Hill in a few weeks for my next session. Thank you Dr. Hill, you’re AWESOME!!!!

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